One of the quotes I refer to almost daily is that "your organization is perfectly designed to produce the results that you’re currently experiencing."  Something I picked up from Andy Stanley, a very smart guy.  It’s a simple statement.  Not a head scratcher.  So obvious that you can’t even argue with it.

Tripped across an article today over at the McKinsey Quarterly that might be related to the source of Andy’s thinking.  The article was about a concept called the SCP Framework (Structure, Conduct, Performance) and explains how your structure determines conduct and your conduct determines performance.  Very interesting, complete with some great illustrations.  You can check it out right here.

By the way, one of the main reasons that StrategyCentral is so important to me is that it allows me to show the connection between current business theory and practice…and what all of us do.  You get that.  That’s why you’ve bookmarked this site.

One of my favorite newsletters is the McKinsey Quarterly.  Based on the writing and practice of McKinsey & Company, the Quarterly regularly has an article that catches my eye or that little corner of my brain that says, "hmmm…this is like that.  This will help with that."

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