When you launch the next cool wrinkle are you investing in the next decade?  Or just the weekend?  When you dream up what to do to gather the next big crowd are you only focused on making that event huge?  Or are you developing a plan, layering the most recent element on top of what you’re already doing, in order to keep moving in the direction of the longterm vision?

Seth Godin offers a very important insight in today’s post, The Long Trail, talking about the longterm effects of building on a great foundation, slowly nurturing what will still be powerful years into the journey.  In talking about the long trail, Seth writes:

"The long trail is a reminder to invest like your product might just be around in ten years."

If there was ever an effort that deserves attention to the long trail, I’d say we’re in it.  May we all be more like U2 and The Shawshank Redemption than Ashlee Simpson and Ishtar.


Investing Big with Tomorrow in Mind