Ever think about the concept of "forfeiting the future"?  Sometimes when I read a line it almost causes a shiver.  Check out this line from Hamel’s, The Future of Management.

Sometimes the real hurdle to renewal is not a lack of options, but a lack of flexibility in resource allocation.  All to often, legacy programs get richly funded year after year while new initiatives go begging.  This, more than anything, is why companies regularly forfeit the future—they overinvest in "what is" at the expense of "what could be." (p. 46)

Here’s the question of the day: What does it take for resources to get reallocated in your organization?

Investing in “What Could Be”
  • I often ask clients how often has it been since you and your leadership team have asked these three questions:
    What if…what else…why not?
    Keep creating…the worthwhile future,

  • Great questions! What if…what else…why not? Love it! Thanks Mike!