When is it time to take a look at the strategy that drives what you do?  Do you wait until it crashes?  Or do you take a look at it even when it seems to be firing on all cylinders?  Scott Anthony, author of The Innovator’s Guide to Growth: Putting Disruptive Innovation to Work, suggests that “it’s always at least worth considering whether it’s time to invert your strategy.”  In a recent Harvard Business Online article he gives a three question path for examining your current assumptions and a revised set that might drive future growth:

  1. What is the critical assumption behind our current strategy?
  2. What are distinct assumptions that, if true, would lead to a dramatically different approach to growth?
  3. What are ways in which you can test the revised assumptions?

I love these questions!  Can you see how they might lead to a great discussion on your team?  Can you also see how it might pay to bring in a fresh pair of outside eyes?  In fact, Anthony goes on to write:

These questions seem straight forward. However, it is astonishingly difficult for companies to identify the hidden assumption that governs their strategy. Consider bringing in outside perspectives, even if they lack deep industry expertise. Seemingly naïve questions can be great ways to highlight hidden assumptions — and provide opportunities to invert a strategy before it’s too late.

Need more.  Take a look at Ready To Go On An Assumption Hunt?

Is It Time To Change Your Strategy?