What are you trying to do?  Do you know?  Do you have a personal understanding of what a win is for you?

Kem Meyer's blog is one I read on a regular basis.  There are over a hundred on my feed reader.  Her's is one that I read because of posts like this one: We Scrapped Our Job Descriptions.  I think this is really helpful.  Why?  Because it makes personal one of the corporate themes of StrategyCentral.  It makes personal the idea that there is overarching win to which everyone on the team ought to be contributing.

The short story on Kem's post?  Here is the process they used:

  1. Answer the question: “At the end of the day, if I’ve done this, then I’ve done my job.”
  2. In your answer, remember to demonstrate the benefit to others trumps the task.
  3. Keep your answer simple and short enough to easily remember and recite.
  4. Include your individual strength theme to help maximize impact.

Isn't that helpful?  Won't that be a good team exercise?  You can read the whole post right here.  I especially loved the Strengths based diagram that they developed.  Very cool.  Check it out!

Is It Time To “Scrap Your Job Descriptions?”