Is your church innovative?  How would you know?  What would you compare it to? 

Is your church on to an innovative idea that is actually reaching people you’ve never reached before?  If you are (or you know of a church that is) take a moment and pop over to Tony Morgan’s place.  This year’s Innovative Church survey is a little different.  I think you’ll see the difference it might make.  Check it out right here.

Is Your Church Innovative?
  • Your post question got my mind racing ahead of actually reading the post! I know, I’m strange that way.
    Here’s what fired off in my head;
    “Is my church innovative?
    Or, is my church imitative?
    Or…is my church improvisational?”
    I see a lot of imitation that passes as innovation. And then sometimes I see some wonderful organization improvisation where an organization will take an innovative practice from another organization and build on it in a rather unique way.
    I’d say improv if you can’t innovate. But stay clear of lifeless imitation.
    Thanks for the brain buzz you always deliver here at Strategy Central.
    Keep creating,

  • In the upcoming book Church 2.0 (a conversation on innovation) we look at innovation in a broader sense. Technology is just one part of the innovation discussion. There are some amazing ministries out there doing some amazing and extremely innovative things that will never make “the list”.

  • Mike! Great insight! Improv if you can’t innovate…and stay clear of imitation. Very true.
    Greg, when does Church 2.0 come out? Sounds very interesting!