You have goals.  You have objectives.  You even have a very detailed vision statement.  But every time you turn around, you’re dropping what you’re doing to put out a fire.  Another fire.  The third fire in the last 10 days!  It’s like you’re living in a high fire hazard severity zone.  You may be getting pretty good at putting out fires…but at the end of the career that’s little consolation if you don’t get to where you’re trying to go.

Is there a solution?  As Seth Godin says, maybe the start of a solution is "to make the long term items even more urgent than today’s emergencies.  Break them into steps and give them deadlines. Measure your people on
what they did today in support of where you need to be next month."

Can you see that happening?  Can your organization get to the place where the most important projects get priority…instead of the fires?  I love Seth’s closing line: "If you work in an urgent-only culture, the only solution is to make the right things urgent."  What’s urgent in your organization?  Hopefully it’s beginning to be the right things.


Is Your Organization a High Fire Hazard Severity Zone?