What kind of people are on your team?  We’ve all heard the idea that your senior leaders play a major role in determining who will join later.  Most of the time we hear it expressed that only 10s can recruit 9s.  If you’ve got 6s or 7s in your senior roles they’ll only be able to recruit 5s, etc.  Know what I mean?

In the chapter on The Comapany You Keep in Mavericks at Work there is this paragraph:

"We haven’t met all that many CEOs who could provide a compelling response to a simple question we like to ask when we visit an organization for the first time: why would great people want to work here?  (The answer, we add, can’t be about salaries, bonuses, or stock options.)

Isn’t that a great question?  Why would great people want to work here?    That is a GREAT question!  It is followed up by this one:

"What is it about the ideas your company stands for, its point of view in the marketplace, the ways in which employees interact with customers or collaborate with one another, that becomes irresistible to the best people in your industry?"

If the first question was a great one, that one is AWESOME!  Stop and think about what it would mean for your team and your organization if it became irresistible to the best people in your industry.  That is more than something to dream about.  Isn’t it?  It’s really something to act on.  Why not begin today?  What would have to happen for that to become a reality for you?

Is Your Organization Irresistible?
  • Mark I am really benefitting from your commentary on Mavericks at Work.
    I want to thank you for taking the time to unpack and expand upon Taylor’s work.
    With much appreciation, Mike