How serious is your organization about innovation?  Maybe it depends on how you define serious.  Gary Hamel is saying that "innovation is truly everyone’s responsibility" in organizations that are serious about innovation.  Think you’re there?  In a recent interview over at The McKinsey Quarterly Hamel suggests going to first level employees and asking these four questions:

  1. How have you been trained as a business innovator? What investment has the company made in teaching you how to innovate?
  2. If you have a new idea, how much bureaucracy do you have to go through
    to get a small increment of experimental capital? How long is it going
    to take you to get 20 percent of your time and $5,000 to test your
    idea? Is that a matter of months or is it very easy for that to happen?
  3. Are you actually being measured on your innovation performance or your team’s innovation? Does it influence your compensation?
  4. As you look at the management processes in your company, do they tend to help you work as an innovator or get in the way?

How do you think you’d stand up to that?  It’s a very interesting interview.  You can check it out right here.

Is Your Organization Serious About Innovation?