How are you keeping score?  In order to be sure you’re heading in the right direction, doing the right things, on the right track…you’ve got to have a way to keep score.  Dave Ferguson has a great post today on how CCC keeps score.  He refers to a dashboard that they’re developing in order to see all the areas they’re measuring.  I like the metaphor.  We can all relate to a dashboard.  As I’m driving in every morning I keep an eye on my odometer because I know how many miles I can drive after the yellow fuel light comes on.  I lean forward to get a look at the speedometer (the steering wheel blocks my line of sight) to make sure that I’m not going too fast.  When I’m driving up to Bakersfield I watch the temperature gauge (the signs tell me I need to turn off the AC for the next 12 miles…but I never do).  I am familiar with the dashboard in my car.  But what would the dashboard at SeaCoast Grace look like?  What would it measure?

First, I can tell you it would include attendance, but wouldn’t stop there.  It would also include the number of commitments to Christ, baptisms, and attendance at First Steps.  Second, it would merit an evaluation of our key objectives and determining what factors could be measured for each.  At last week’s Purpose Driven Church Conference Dan Southerland of Church Transitions talked about how they measured certain elements for each purpose.  Good idea.  As soon as I dig up my notes I’ll post more on it.

In the meantime, what are you measuring?  What are the gauges on your dashboard?

Keeping Score