One of the books I read in 2006 was Purpose: The Starting Point of Great Companies  by Nikos Mourkogiannis.  The core idea of the book is that great organizations are motivated to do what they’re doing by an underlying sense of purpose…as opposed to a simple drive to make the most money.  I had several posts about the book.  You can see them here in my October 2006 archive.

There is an interesting take on the book over on Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge by James Heskett.  The article is called Is There Too Little ‘Know Why’ in Business?  Interesting stuff.  Definitely worth checking out.

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with Working Knowledge it would be worth taking a look at.  You can subscribe to it for free!  Just like here at Strategy Central.  For more on how to do that, just click here!

Know-How vs. Know-Why
  • The Importance of Know Why over Know How

    Mark Howell wrote a post referred to a HBS Working Knowledge article by Jim Heskett Is There Too Little Know Why In Business? that discusses two recent books Know-How, by Ram Charan, which is really a know why&…

  • Success: Do You Start With the “Why” Question?

    You and I hear messages all the time about action. Just do it. We’re falling behind in our sales figures. Get out and do more. Don’t just stand there–do something. We need to change the organization. I’m big on doing