You’re working hard to develop a strategy to connect with what’s happening on the web and particularly with media on the web.  So you’re investigating YouTube and Second Life and Twitter and MySpace…all in a desperate attempt to do something to connect.  But the reality is that all of that misses the first step…knowing your customer.  In fact, according to Business Week, you need to "home in on your customers":

"It’s not enough to build a hub in Second Life or create a profile on (NWS
). It’s time to shift your focus away from trying out every high-tech
platform that comes across your in-box. Instead, home in on your
. Almost every demographic group you can think of is engrossed
in the Web these days, and users are getting smarter about their tools.
It won’t take long to find the consumers who care about what you’re
doing—and tune in to what they’re doing."  (Business Week)

That’s a good word.  It kind of begs the preliminary step (the real first step)…getting crystal clear on who your customer is!  Tip: the answer is not "everyone".  For more on getting clear on who your customer is, check out Getting a Clear Picture.


Knowing Your Customers