One of my new favorite bloggers is Mark Batterson over at  Mark is the Senior Pastor of the very innovative National Community Church in Washington D.C.  Today’s post, 5 Keys to Creativity is a typical post for him.  I love his first line:

"I have a personal mantra that I repeat pretty frequently: one of the greatest dangers we face is learning how and forgetting why."

Of course, he’s talking about ministry, but it’s really true in all that we do.  If you’re passionate about what you do, if it makes your heart beat fast, but you’re not really careful…the day could come when you really are an expert at what you do but no longer remember why you’re in the game.  And that’s scary!

One of my favorite quotes from The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner could fit in the same powerpoint:  "Are you in your job to DO something, or are you in your job for something to do?"  I never want to be in a job just for something to do.  And I hope you don’t either.


Learning How and Forgetting Why