Today and tomorrow I’ll be at the Willow Creek’s Reveal Conference.  Not familiar?  The conference is based on a study that Willow did over the last few years that revealed some interesting things about how spiritual life develops.  Why am I talking about it here?  At StrategyCentral?  Easy…rather than just going with what they’ve always done (as one of the most effective churches in America), Willow took the time to actually look at the facts and then do something about it.  Where’d they get the facts?  From a very extensive survey (5,000 responses), designed by Eric Arnson (a former McKinsey consultant), done over a period of a couple years. 

Again, why am I talking about it here?  Easy.  Most of us are in organizations that just go along without ever really examining our assumptions.  We just go along blindly into next week, next month, even next year…doing more or less what we’ve always done…and then we are amazed when it doesn’t work out the way we think it should.

Sound like you?  Sound like your organization?

Stay tuned.

Live Blogging from Willow’s Reveal Conference
  • Mark, thanks for reporting on what you learn. I will be much interested in what you have to say.
    Envious too!
    You seem to have some fascinating opportunities via Strategy Central.
    Keep creating…assumptions worth holding onto,