Where do you live?  I don’t mean geographically.  I’m talking philosophically.  Do you live in the "was"?  The way things used to be?  Do you live in the "is"?  The way things are?  Or do you live in the "could be"?  You might wonder if it really matters.  It is a huge factor.  And it affects all of us.

This is an important distinction.  You could probably sort all of us out into three camps. 

There are many who really do live in the "was".  Any investment is about keeping going what used to be good.  Always remembering how good it was and believing that things could be that way again.  If you can’t give me Frank Sinatra then at least give me Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble.  Peter Drucker said, "The person who is investing in what already exists is, in effect, trying to minimize risk (The Daily Drucker, p. 184)."

At the same time, there are some who are living in the "is".  This is the best time to be alive.  The way we’re doing it now is soooo much better than what it used to be.  We’re all about rock-n-roll and don’t be trying to put any rap or hip hop on me.

And then there are some of us who are livin’ in the "could be".  Open to the future.  Investing in what’s next.  Willing to take a risk in order to allow "could be" to happen.

Where would you put yourself?

(I should add "props to my man Colin Cowherd for the phrase ‘livin’ in the is, dog’")

Livin’ in the “Could Be”