How do you feel about your job?  Do you love what you get to do?  I remember hearing a speaker years ago talk about his job and say "what a scam!  To get paid to do what you only dream of doing!"  On the other hand, this last weekend I learned that most suicides happen on Sunday night and most heart attacks happen on Monday morning.  Implication?  There are a lot of people not really looking forward to clocking in for the new week.  How about you?  Do you love what you do?  Or do you just tolerate it?

My hope is to continue to refine what I do until I end up doing with the best of my day what I love doing.  And I’m closer to it now than I ever have been before!  How about you?  Are you setting your sights on that goal?  Or are you really only clocking in and doing time?

There’s a good post over on Marshall Goldsmith’s blog on just this subject.  My encouragment?  Figure out how to move in that direction!  How?  First suggestion is to pick up the book Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton.  It comes with a great online assessment that will help you think through the things you really do well (thanks to Kent Blumberg for the reminder!  Take a look at his June 23rd post for more ideas.).

Next, begin to pay concious attention to the things you really look forward to doing.  Focus on your strengths by first gaining an appreciation for what you love to do.  Back in June I talked about this in a post called Managing Oneself.  Be sure and check out the concepts.  I think you’ll find it helpful.  I know I have!  After all, you only go around once.  Might as well give it all you’ve got and find your way into the things that you love doing!

Loving What You Do