Great practical illustration of Peter Drucker's "What business are you in?" question today on Colin Cowherd's ESPN radio show.  Cowherd referred to Eric Allen's comments yesterday that when the New York Giants drive to the stadium on Sunday they know who they are and where they're going.  Cowboys?  Making it up as they go along.  Titans?  They know who they are and where they're going.  Colts?  Making it up as they go along.

How about your organization?  Know who you are?  Or are you making it up as you go? 

Not sure?  What are the symptoms?  In the case of the Cowboys it's hard to be sure what you'll get when they show up.  A running game?  Throw it deep and hope?  On the other hand, the New York Giants know they're going with a tough, in your face running game.

What goes on in your organization?  Do you have trouble landing on a target customer and sticking with it?  Are you consistently changing strategies?  Do you have business units that don't make sense alongside your core business?  All examples of not knowing who you are. 

Make It Up As You Go Along vs. Know Where You Are Going
  • Good point.
    I’m a Nebraska Cornhusker fan and I’ve seen the same sort of destination/identityt crisis.
    But as the season progresses the team’s clarity about who they are where they are headed is emerging.
    Sometimes you’ve got to play enough games to gain that clarity.
    On the other hand great leaders (coaches) don’t allow an organization to wallow in a chronic field of ambiguity about who they are and where they’re headed.
    Mind racing here, as usual.
    Keep creating…a clear map for your peeps,

  • There is definitely truth to both viewpoints, isn’t there? What I resonated with is the truth that your organization does need a sense of who it is and where it is going. Can’t be constantly waffling. Must land on a direction. Maybe it has to play itself into that in the early minutes of the game or season…but unless it lands on an identity, it will not be a winning team.