My friend Will Mancini wrote and interesting article in mid-December and challenged all of his readers to learn to drip vision.  He followed that post up with a challenge to drip vision every day.  Today Mac Lake, leadership guru/practitioner extraordinaire, entered the game with his own 5 visiondrip ideas…actually saw Mancini’s 5 and anted up 5 of his own.

I like the way this game is shaping up!  I’m in.  Here’s my 5:

  1. This is more permanent, but I love the way crossroads in Corona, CA, has used a combination of faces and scripture in their worship center lobby to call out their vision for people everyday.  I know PlainJoe Studios played a role in the design.  Very cool…and always on.
  2. Speaking of always on, I love the way Gateway Church in Austin, TX, has integrated their slogan “no perfect people allowed” into their website.  At the same time, the line “come as you are” appears prominently above the fold on the home page.
  3. When you find a quote that really resonates with your vision, type it out, change the layout to landscape, and enlarge the font.  A little fold near the top allows you to hang it where everyone who visits your office can see it.
  4. Point your leaders to online messages that drip your vision.  I love this Andy Stanley message that was done at LifeChurch.TV in 2009.  I’ve never heard a more insightful look at Acts 15.  Powerful.  Watch for Andy’s quote near the end of his message.  “We need local churches that have all the rungs on the ladder.  Because church is for everybody.”  Awesome…and right at the heart of what North Point is about.
  5. Make it a daily practice to send an email or write a note that points out a way that the recipient is living out the vision.

Actually, I want to see Will and Mac’s 5 and raise them 1.  Here it is:  Use upfront time and casual conversation as opportunities to make heroes out of those who are living out the vision.  We all get to choose who will be the heroes in our organization.  Choose wisely.  And do it everyday.  Always on.

Make Vision Always On #VisionDrip