Do you know Marshall Goldsmith?  Not personally.  I mean, do you know his work?  Maybe you’ve read some of his stuff over at Fast Company in his role as the resident executive coach.  He’s good.  I like him.  Last week I stumbled across a newsletter that he puts out on a monthly basis (along with Patricia Wheeler).  It’s free!  And it looks great!  You can subscribe right here.

I also came across Marshall’s blog.  Looks like some great content.  And…to top it off, in a recent post he’s got the table of contents for The Leader of the Future 2: Visions, Strategies, and Practices for the New Era, which looks like a terrific collection of work from some of the best authors on leadership (including Drucker, Senge, Schein, Covey, etc.)  You can take a look at the table of contents right here.  Why not join me in reading it?  You can order it by clicking here.

Marshall Goldsmith