Don’t know if you call yourself a Bob Dylan fan.  I wouldn’t call myself one.  But I do like good music.  And I have to say this is a really good album.  I was driving one day last week and Thunder on the Mountain from Dylan’s Modern Times came on.  It happened that I had just got my car out of the Nissan service department.  My presets were all messed up.  I was on a station that I wouldn’t have normally been on.  Bingo.  The Amazon review calls it a "rootsy, blues-soaked pool of the purest form of Americana."  I’ll just call it a great addition to the iPod.  Like nothing else I’ve got.  Pairs with a Sierra Nevada and a cool October Southern California evening.

P.S. Ain’t Talkin’ is quite a song.

Modern Times
  • I delight in what happens when I get bumped out of my comfort zone – as you must have been with your radio presets out of whack. Almost inevitably, something serendipitous and wonderful happens. If only I could learn to mess-up the presets of my brain/life on cue – what ideas I might come up with!
    Now I’m off to buy a copy of Dylan’s CD!