And another thing…someone recently said that "if an iPod play list and shuffle feature isn’t a blend, I don’t know what is. Also, Sirrius radio’s 1000 channels allows you to “virtually blend” in real time as the mood hits."

But here’s the thing…it’s not that people don’t like multiple kinds of music.  They do.  But that part of each of us is truly unique one person to the next.  In other words it’s not predictable in the same way Starbuck mixes their Gold Coast blend.  Good programming will be dependable.  The sound will make sense given who you are trying to connect with.  And like any good marketer you’ll understand that Gold Coast won’t get everyone.  Neither will the House Blend.  Some people will need straight Columbian.  And others will only be caught with the Zimbabwe.  And you’ll design an attempt that will reach them.

What do you think?


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