I continue to think about how huge the learnings from 7 Practices of Effective Ministry are.  Absolutely huge.  There’s enough here to keep me busy for a long time.  Think again about the first practice, Clarify the Win…

Clarifying the win is something beyond a mission statement.  It’s being very specific about what outcome you’re looking for.  And I love the four steps in this practice:  (1) sum up the win in a simple phrase, (2) keep the win as specific as possible, (3) restate the win frequently and creatively, and (4) meet to clarify the win at every level.

I was thinking about the importance of those four steps in my own role here at Lake.  As the small groups guy, what is a win for my area of ministry?  How would I say it in a simple phrase?  It’s more specific than "when we launch more groups" or "when we get more people in groups."  It’s gotta be more like, "a win happens when a group has a discussion that leads to life-change."  And that sets up a whole list of good conversations on my team about our leader training environments, the way we keep score, etc.

And that gives me lots to think about and a road map for the summer.  What about you?

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