One of the things that we’ve talked a lot about is the idea that the latest and greatest idea is not the end of the story.  The best thing we can do is promote it as something that is going to really help our team…right now.  We can really cripple what can happen next when we say things like, "from now on here’s how it will be."  Better to focus on the idea that this helps us in this season or in this next run.

One of the great ideas in Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths And Total Nonsense is that we need to treat the organization as a work-in-progress.  Although we can work hard on things as we know them right now, we can be confident to act on what is already known but at the same time, be open to what may be discovered next.

The article from Strategy + Business included this good insight fon this subject rom Andy Grove, former Intel CEO:

“None of us has a real understanding of where we are heading. But decisions don’t wait for the picture to be clarified. So you take your shots and clean up the bad ones later.”

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