When you’re choosing what you must prioritize what are your steps?  In an earlier post I commented on a really helpful decision making guide that Peter Drucker proposed in The Effective Executive.  Skillful decision making is so important if your organization is going to be an effective one.  If you hope to make a difference you must learn to make good decisions, based not on the moment, but on principles that will lead to future growth or opportunities.

Carl George said, "Leader’s allocate the finite resources of the organization to THE critical growth path."  What does that mean for your organization?  For many it will mean nothing.  The challenge of determining what the growth path remains overwhelming.  After 7 years of "critical growth path" clarity at Fellowship of The Woodlands it was easy to recognize the absence of it at my next stop.  Two years of rudderless wandering left me really praying for an opportunity to return to the land of "critical growth path" clarity.

Thankfully, I’m back!  SeaCoast Grace has a great sense of where we’re going.  At the same time, every organization faces constant pokes and prods to see if there is real commitment to the vision.  "What difference does it make if this one thing is a ‘one off’?  Will it really affect our overall trajectory?  Interesting, a very small imperfection in the skin of the space shuttle can be disastrous.  What enables a successful mission for the shuttle is a careful, regular analysis to make sure that it is what it needs to be.


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