We’ve talked already about the idea that people are wired differently and are designed to respond to different communication styles.  I think there’s no question that we all have our own preferences.  Whether you’re talking about the message or sermon style (where some of us prefer stories and others prefer a clear outline with 3 points and a poem) or you’re talking about music preferences (where some of us are really moved by a great choir and organ and others find themselves jumping up and down to a U2 song like Elevation) there’s no question that people are just wired differently.

So what are we going to do when we try to decide what our worship style should be?  And my answer is, I think we need to be strategic.  We need to ask the question, "who is it that we’re trying to reach with what we’re doing?"  We need to be clear on the fact that we can’t reach everyone with a single style!  We can’t reach everyone with a single style anymore that any particular restaurant can satisfy everyone’s taste!  And the next question is "can we afford to try to reach more than one target…kind of like the food court strategy of a shopping mall?"  Do we have the financial means to reach more than one?  Do we have the volunteer horsepower to effectively target more than one group if it means resourcing more than one effort?

There are at least 1/2 dozen other very important questions.  But the ultimate question is, "are we really going to hear ‘well done’ at the end of the day?"  When our efforts are evaluated will there be the sense that we’ve really used what we had for the greatest impact possible?  Or will we find that we’ve only used a very small part of what we’d been given?


Multiple Styles
  • We are launching a 5th service and a 3rd style. It is a lot of work, but I agree that strategy should drive style. We should choose style on those we want to reach, not to keep happy the convinced.