One of the most challenging sections of the book, 7 Practices of Effective Ministry is on the critical importance of narrowing your focus if you hope to have real impact.  One of the great lines is that "your potential to make an impact with your life is directly related to your willingness to narrow your focus."  When you think about the world of sports it makes a lot of sense.  Although the illustration in the book refers to John Smoltz, the ace relief pitcher of the Atlanta Braves, here in LA it makes more sense to think about Eric Gagne.  No reliever has been more dominant in the last few years.  As a closer, Gagne had an incredible run of 84 consecutive saves over a stretch of 23 months.  His game was incredibly focused during that run.  Focused on his pitching.  Not on becoming more competent as a hitter.

So, the question becomes, how focused are we in our effort?  Have we really narrowed the focus and concentrated on that one area where we can have the greatest impact?  Or are we moving steadily toward and more and more complex menu of opportunities?

At its essence, narrowing the focus is about "deciding to do less in order to be more effective."  Can you imagine that happening where you are?


Narrow the Focus