What blogs do you check everyday?  Are there certain stops that you know you’re going to make?  Or is it random?

Right now I’ve got 63 blogs that I check on Bloglines (it makes it really easy when they’re all listed at one location).  The number changes.  As I discover a new one, it’s easy to add them.  If after a while I realize that I’m really not interested in one they’re easy to delete.

And for sure there are certain spots that I check every day.  I’ve listed them in the sidebar as Blogs Read Daily.  In fact, I added a new favorite.  Steve Farber is a new writer to me.  Haven’t started it yet, but his book The Radical Leap : A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership is next up on the stack.  And his blog is a good collection of related ideas.

How about Strategy Central?  Are you a random reader or are you a regular?  Either way, take a second and sign up!

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Either way, it’ll make it easier to come back and join the conversation. 

New Addition to the Blogroll