book yourself solidNeed to learn how to fill an appointment book?  Michael Port’s new edition of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated might be exactly what you need.

I first came across Michael Port back in 200x when I received a advance copy of the original edition of this book.

I have to say, while I loved the original version and gleaned a great beginning understanding of how to build a professional service business…this new version is so much better!  As I worked through the sections, I remembered quite a bit of the basic concepts I learned several years ago.  Still, I noticed right away that studying this version is a vastly different experience.

Hard to believe, but seeing Book Yourself Solid Illustrated makes quite a difference in terms of readability, comprehension, and just plain enjoyment.  I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that the illustrations enhance the experience.  After all, there’s been quite a buzz in the last few years about visual thinking/learning.  Dan Roam’s Back of the Napkin, Sunni Brown’s GameStorming and others have beaten this drum loud and clear.  Still…flipping through the pages of this new version of Book Yourself Solid was quite striking!

Laid out in a very easy-to-follow way, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated takes you through four key modules.  Developing your foundation, building trust and credibility, understanding pricing and selling, and developing expertise in promotion.  As I worked through the new edition, I was struck by how much I remembered from the first edition.  I was also really aware of how much easier it was to follow along and how much more effectively the illustrated version held my attention.

One of the best aspects of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated is the inclusion of worksheets and exercises that help guide through the process.  I found the genuinely step-by-step approach very helpful as I worked my way through.  And, I have to say, I rediscovered some aspects of the Book Yourself Solid strategy that are more meaningful now than they were several years ago.

This is really a soup-to-nuts package.  Now that I’ve spent a little time reviewing, I can see that I need to slow down and really engage with what’s here.  An ingenious design, I can see it redirecting quite a bit of what I’m currently doing.

If you have a consulting or coaching business, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated ought to be on your radar.  I’m finding it very helpful and I think you will too!

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New from Michael Port: Book Yourself Solid — Illustrated