In what I do with Lifetogether I’m always looking for ways to share ideas.  When I’m in person it means a whiteboard or flipchart.  When I’m on the phone…well it’s a little less than ideal.  We can do the WebEx thing…or we can send a powerpoint.  Now, we may be able to use skrbl.

I am constantly amazed at the new tools that pop up.  DAILY.  If you’re into that sort of thing, you need to bookmark Micro Persuasion.  If there’s one unifying topic over there it is the newest web 2.0 technologies and coolest things to share.  Skrbl  is "an easy to share online whiteboard".  In fact, if you’ve been along for the StrategyCentral ride, you’ll recognize this drawing.  With Skrbl, I can invite you to the session and draw it while we talk.  Cool.  Of course, it lets everyone in on my dorky drawing capability.  But it is cool to be able to share it!

New Online Whiteboard: skrbl