Sunday afternoon.  4:00 p.m.  47 degrees and rainy.  We’re not in so cal anymore.  Listening to a little David Cook and surfing my google feed reader.  Picked up a good tidbit from Ben Arment over at History in the Making.  Seems U2 has a new project due out on March 3rd!  That is worth putting on the calendar.  No Line on the Horizon is the working title.

Heading over to Bayside tonight to catch one of their Christmas Eve services.  Ours don’t kick in until Tuesday night.  Bayside is home to Lincoln Brewster, so the music should be jammin.  Speaking of jammin…I was briefly on the stage today at Adventure lip syncing to O Holy Night as a kind of preview for our service.  Here’s the version:


News from the Exile
  • I’d be happy with “47 and rainy” given our current icebox conditions here in Des Moines.
    Not sure I’m clear on this. Is that you singing O Holy Night?
    Merry Christmas, Mark!
    Keep creating…you’re making a difference,