Dire_straits Sunday afternoon.  4:15 p.m. 63°F.  Not bad really for November 23rd in Rocklin.  Got a little Dire Straits playing.  Got the good word a few minutes ago that USC moved up to #5 keeping their dim national title hopes alive.

Later?  Leftover palooza here.  Some good selections though.  Sometimes a good low-key Sunday evening is a really good thing.  Wish you were here.

P.S. Got a fun email from my friend Kevin in Michigan last Tuesday.  Check it out:

"Tuesday morning – 9:28a EST – 23 degrees –
in my office by myself – great times – NutriGrain bar – really great times.  Listing to Lincoln Brewster in advance of
back to back to back meetings.  You know … it just doesn’t have the same “ring”
as your posting?!?!

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