Good times in Rocklin.  On Friday we took advantage of the American River and had our first rafting experience.  Relaxing…but not quite what we had in mind.  So on Saturday we headed back over to the American River to investigate a better rafting experience.  Checking out websites led us to All Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting.  Picking up a brochure at their base cinched it that they’ll be the next try.  While we were out we tripped across Lake Clementine…beautiful little lake just a few miles from our house.

Also had the chance to check out some new tunes from Fusse.  Knowing I’m a music junkie, my friend Melissa sent me In the Midst of It All, a new collection of songs by her son’s band.  You never know when you’re listening where things will go for young musicians.  Some cool stuff on here…particularly like The Hurt.  You can hear some of the songs on their myspace site right here.

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