Good times in Moena…72°F 61% humidity…just before 5:30 p.m. CDT.  Jimmy Buffet’s Take The Weather with You in the background.  Shish-Kebabs tonight weather permitting.

Been a great couple days here in Chicagoland…we saw our first lightning bugs last night (very cool)…watched as our 15 year old son moved his valuables to the basement as we had a tornado watch in effect (very funny to tell him that this is actually a lifestyle thing here in the midwest.

Reading a fantastic book, Different by Harvard Business School’s Youngme Moon.  Easily one of the best books I’ve read in the last several years.  Here’s my review.  Will definitely have an immediate influence on my consulting.  Also just finished another great book.  Exponential by Dave and Jon Ferguson from nearby Community Christian Church in Naperville.  You’ll find my review over at

Lakers on tonight.  Interesting times being a Laker fan in Chicago.  The esteemed Tim Cullnan (part of my team here at told me it was okay…the Lakers had never beaten the Bulls in the finals.  I told him, “that’s because you haven’t been to the finals that many times!

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