Pink_boug 5:00 pm.  67°F.  39% humidity.  Beautiful day in Southern California.  Really gorgeous.  New blooms on the Pink Pearl Bougainvillea.  Weather just about perfect.  Got a brisket in the smoker.  A little chicken too.  Mark’s Killer Baked Beans and Debbie’s great Au Gratin Potatoes in the oven.  Maybe that’s our homage to Alexandre, our foreign exchange student?  We’ll see if Au Gratin potatoes are even French.  After all…the french fries turned out to be a little bit of a fake out!

By the way…we’re smoking a brisket…none of that California tri-tip cut.  This is the real stuff.  Like I told the butcher…it’ll be speakin’ Texan by around 6:30.  Debbie’s secret rub made sure of that.  Now if we just had the Coca-Cola Cake!   

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