How often do you think about ways to improve your customer’s experience?  How much time do you invest in a careful autopsy of what you’re currently doing, how effective is it, and what could be improved?  Where are you when you are looking for ways to improve?

I am a huge advocate of keeping that hat on all the time no matter where you are.  Regardless of what you do there are opportunities everywhere you go to see it done differently, see it done more creatively or more effectively, or simply in a more innovative way.  We ought to be always looking for what’s next, not just when we pull the team together and brainstorm.

The main reason I read what I read and listen to what I listen to is to capitalize on the best ideas.  It is just amazing how often a great Peter Drucker concept or Jim Kouzes idea will be the perfect answer to an issue on our team or a wrinkle in our strategy.  But we’ve got to read with eyes to see and listen with ears to hear.

Tony Morgan had an interesting post today about his recent visit to Disneyworld.  If was the first time he’d ever been.  Take a look at his post on 10 Things I’ll Remember After Visiting Disney.  Those are some really good observations about DIsney’s strategy and intentionality.  And we can learn from what they’re doing.  As long as we have ears to hear and eyes to see.

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Observation Leads to Innovation