How do you think about what you get to do?  Are you in the business of finding ways to overdeliver?  Or do you spend more of your energy thinking through what you’re about to do to make sure you have an excuse in case it doesn’t work?

Another great post today from Seth Godin on what he calls the difference between an Abundance viewpoint and one of Technically Beyond Reproach.  Read the whole post here to get the sense of his terms.  Very helpful.

We love to watch The Apprentice.  The real one, not Martha.  On every team there are a few who are simply trying to avoid being blamed for the failure.  That’s the mindset of technically beyond reproach.  Then there’s the one or two who know the way to a great thing.  They are the ones that get hired by The Donald.  And they are the ones that hear "well done."

Isn’t what we get to do really worth risking it all to overdeliver?


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