Ever order a book and can’t remember why?  Some time back I put Orbiting the Giant Hairball on my Amazon wishlist and even though I couldn’t remember why…I ordered it.  It’s great!  The "hairball" represents the tangled mass of procedures and practices that exist in any company that’s been around for awhile.  T h a t is a good metaphor.  Hairball.  How about this line:

"Every new policy is another hair for the Hairball.  Hairs are never taken away, only added.  Even frequent reorganizations have failed to remove hairs (people, sometimes; hairs, never).  Quite the contrary, each reorganization seems to add a whole new layer of hairs.  The Hairball grows enormous (p. 31)."

Ever been around that?  What can be done?  I don’t know yet.  I’m only on page 38,


Orbiting the Giant Hairball