Mark Batterson over at National Community Church in Washington, DC is on to a really cool project.  They’re building out a coffee house at one of the major subway stations in DC.  And they’re doing it right…way cool.  In today’s post he refers to a great story in January’s Fast Company about the Hard Rock Cafe and a real position they have…"vibe manager"…whose role is to make sure the music in the hotel syncs with the live acts…and has a jammin’ vibe.  He’s thinking about giving someone the title of "pastor of vibe!"  That’s thinking strategically.  Think about all the people who check out your organization and are put on hold, are waiting in the lobby, are listening as the program is about to start.  Think they’re noticing what you’re playing?


p.s. I always thought my title should be pastor of velcro 😉

Pastor of Vibe
  • Buzzy

    On the past two trips to TX I picked up a copy of Fast Company. I love the magazine. I subscribed the day I got back to CT. I thought the Mgr of Vibe was a cool gig and the guy’s hair was even cooler.