Do you know what your mission is?  I mean really know?  Know it well enough to turn down great opportunities (or even the chance to meet real needs) that don’t match up with what you’re designed to do?

In today’s page in the The Daily Drucker there was a great line about keeping your eye on the ball you’re supposed to play.  Drucker wrote:

"It is irresponsible for an organization to accept — let alone to pursue — responsibilities that would impede its capacity to perform its main task and mission or to act where it has no competence."

Can you imagine a situation where you’d be tempted to go ahead and do something, even though it’s not part of your mission or calling, because it was a good thing to do and needed to be done?  Think about it.  Now check out your annual budget for the remnants of decisions made a long time ago to do things that were good…but really weren’t part of your mission.


Performing the Main Task