When you’re in the business we’re in, it’s easy to confuse good intentions with something more noble.  For instance, when an objective is missed we’ll be tempted to downplay the shortfall, maybe even remarking, "Well, his heart is in the right place" or "She meant well."

Peter Drucker, who so frequently captured in a single line the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, said that "good intentions are no substitute for organization and leadership, for accountability, performance and results.  Those require management and that, in turn, begins with the organization’s mission."  (From The Daily Drucker, June 30th’s reading).

Where would you put your team on this issue?  What if there was a continuum and on one end was resignation, a shrug of the shoulders, sadness about your lack of results but no consequences and on the other end was the expectation that performance and results were rewarded and missing was cause for a response?  Where would your organization be?  Is there a connection between your response to performance and the performance itself?  What do you think?

Peter Drucker and Good Intentions
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