Seen the new Microsoft commercial with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld?  If you haven’t, be sure and check it out below.  I was forwarded this analysis today and found it pretty interesting.  I will say, when I saw the commercial I was drawn in very quickly and even rewound it to see it again…but didn’t get the point. 

Unlike Apple’s Mac vs. PC commercials, this one didn’t get it’s point across.  What did occur to me was that it may be another example of a very stiff organization trying to appear cool…and falling short.  Ever seen that happen before?  Maybe like a church that cobbles together an interesting website but it’s not quite right?  Or a mailing with a tagline or image that misses the point?


Posing: Trying to Be What You’re Not
  • Pete

    I had the same thought. But, I figure they have more time, money and research, so they probably know where they’re headed with the ad campaign… it’s not clear to me.

  • Dean

    This commercial leaves me cold … it is not particularly funny / snarky and I can’t even tell what the product it is intended to promote.

  • Pete! You would think that wouldn’t you? More time. More money and research ought to equal a cohesive strategy that wins…but here’s an example where the messaging doesn’t connect with the customer.
    Dean, it is unclear, isn’t it? And more than not funny it is just kind of weird.

  • The dissecting the ad link was interesting and the comments people had to the article…..I was especially intrigued by the Hispanic/Spanish references…..interesting, yes but I like you thought it was a bit weird.

  • Weird does seem to be the #1 observation.