Every once in a while I trip across a great resource that really stands out. About a month ago Management Craft featured a podcast with Glen Hiemstra, the founder of Futurist.com.  Here’s a link to my post on the podcast.  The conversation on the podcast turned to Hiemstra’s new book, Turning the Future into Profit, which is divided neatly into two halves. Part One focuses on 4 long-term trends that the author has identified that hold tremendous potential for future revenue. The four that are examined are:

  • demographic tidal shifts
  • five key technology trends
  • increasing the knowledge content of your business
  • and, the next energy wave.

While Part One is both interesting and helpful, Part Two is fantastic and totally relevant for all of us. The detailed explanation of a three-stage process for preferred future planning is absolutely worth the price of the book!  There is a diagram in chapter 5 that will definitely become a permanent fixture in my white board planning exercises.  Anyone leading an organization into the future will benefit from the ideas here. Turning the Future Into Revenue will help you learn to develop foresight, choose a future direction, and then decide on strategy.

Preferred Future Planning