If you were absolutely sure that a major unplanned-for event is rolling
toward you in time—something that will affect you profoundly—what would
you do before it happened? How would you prepare for what you cannot
predict? What would you do, or do differently, tonight and tomorrow?

Makes you think…doesn't it?  What could you do tonight and tomorrow to prepare for what you cannot predict?  According to productivity guru David Allen, "the best way to be ready for the unknown is to deal with that which is
very known—the current incomplete, loose ends of your life."  Which brings me to my own life…my own desk…my own inbox.

If you've never worked your way through Allen's Getting Things Done : The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, you may need to add that book to your must reads.  And if you want to prepare for what you cannot predict…you may need to implement what he teaches!

Preparing For What You Cannot Predict