Ever read something that just makes your hair stand up?  Like…as your eyes flicker across the page you realize in your gut that it’s true and you can’t help the goose-bump feeling.  Might be a good kind of goose-bumps, might be a bad kind of goose-bumps.

Reading an interview that McKinsey did with Pixar’s Brad Bird, I had a moment like that.  Talking about his first experience with Disney, in the time period when the veterans of the Walt Disney era were leaving.  Here’s the section that gripped me:

The company’s thought process was not, “We have all this amazing
machinery—how do we use it to make exciting things? We could go to Mars
in this rocket ship!” It was, “We don’t understand Walt Disney at all.
We don’t understand what he did. Let’s not screw it up. Let’s just preserve this rocket ship; going somewhere new in it might damage it.”

Ever been part of an organization like that?  If you have, those lines will prompt a visceral reaction.  If you haven’t, you probably don’t even know what you have.

Preserving the Rocket Ship