If you took a careful look at what your organization is doing now and added in your best understanding of where things will end up if it just goes along the current trajectory…you come up with what you might think of as your probable future.  Now, granted you may really need to pull in a few really good thinkers, analytic types, who could help you be very realistic and pragmatic.  In other words, not just wishful thinking, but as close to a true trajectory as you could develop.

Now the question: Is that your preferred future?  Is that the trajectory that you’d really hope for?  Even wish for?  What would have to happen for that preferred future to be real?  Obviously something different than you’re currently doing.  But what will it take?

I just listened to a great podcast over on Management Craft on the idea of Strategic Planning by futurist Glen Hiemstra.  It has an idea or two that you need to hear.  Great.  Very, very transferable.  He’s got a new book out that sounds great, Turning the Future Into Revenue: What Business and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Futures.  I just ordered mine.  I bet you do too!

Probable vs. Preferred Future