Can you imagine setting up a "corporate innovation fund" and then asking members of your organization to suggest "problems worth solving — the kind of things that keep them up at night?"

I am loving The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley.  In the chapter on The Director Kelley writes about Claudia Kotchka, Vice President of Design, Innovation, and Strategy at Procter & Gamble, sharing one of her P&G initiatives…setting up a corporate innovation fund and then asking business unit managers to suggest "problems worth solving."  They actually submitted proposals.  90% of them were rejected because "she considered them ‘not hard enough.’"  And here’s the key, in doing this "they ended up with a great list of projects to move forward on collectively."  I love that!

I love it!  What if we did the same thing?  What if we set aside time and money to think, to proactively work through problems worth solving?  Think we might be able to come up with solutions worth jumping up and down over?


Problems Worth Solving