So you’ve got your mission, vision and values.  You’ve worked hard to get them…or you’ve simply adopted another organization’s work (whether it fits your community or not).  But, at any rate, you’re set on those.  Maybe you even breathed a sigh of relief when you finished them and presented them.  Good for you!  But what if I told you there might be a way to capitalize on the clarity of that work and take it down to the project level?

I tripped across this idea in Mavericks at Work.  Would it be helpful to develop a project specific mission statement?  For each major project your organization develops?

Here’s the gist, from DPR, (one of the businesses highlighted in Mavericks) where "nearly every projects starts with a distinctive operating ritual–the creation of a project mission statement."  Interested?  And I’m not talking about choosing an infinitive and adding stock language to round it out.  They’ll spend several days, pull in very senior people, and develop a serious mission statement.  Specific to the project.  And it goes on from there.  Next will be the development of a clear timetable and then detailed metrics of success.

How’s that compare to your operational style?  Sounds pretty much like what you’re already doing, right?  Let me tell you it sounds nothing like what we’re doing.  But it sounds a lot like what we ought to be doing.

Can you imagine beginning?  I can.

Anyone out there already doing this kind of thing?  Let me hear what process is working for you at the project level.  This sounds like something that could make a huge difference…for all of us.

Project Specific Mission Statements