This has been a really good week!  Got to see a bunch of friends from around the country.  Even to make some new ones.  Heard some great ideas at the Leading Your Church Through Change breakout.  Dan Southerland and his team are really good at communicating the ideas.  Engaging and very helpful.  Even though their topic wasn’t something we need, it still had lots of very transferable ideas.  Also, it was a great model for doing a 3/4 day seminar.

I was a little bummed because I had to miss both of the Granger breakouts (was kind of looking forward to seeing what Tony’s shirt looked like!).  Both times we were doing are own breakout.  It was really cool to see a packed tent 3 hear about how to launch and sustain small groups.  We even got introduced by Rick Warren!  Good times!

Saw Kerry and Chris Shook from Fellowship of The Woodlands for about 2 minutes.  Good to see them.  My 7 years there was a very good season for us.  One amazing place.  Noticed today that they’re listed as on of the most influential churches in America.

Also got to meet Ron Silvia from Church at the Springs in Ocala, FL.  What a great guy!  Sometimes you meet people who just don’t act like they don’t even know how cool their church is.  Just good people.  And Ron is that.  I hope we get to work with them.

All in all, a really good week.   

Purpose Driven Church Conference