What comes first?  Strategy or structure?  According to Peter Drucker it's a no brainer.

"Only a clear definition of the mission (purpose) makes possible clear and realistic business objectives.  It is the foundation for priorities, strategies, plans and work assignments…Structure follows strategy.  Strategy determines what the key activities are in a given business.  And strategy requires knowing what our business is and what it should be (p. 162, Inside Drucker's Brain)."

What if your organization is working with a legacy structure?  If you want to accomplish your mission you'll need to start there, formulate strategy to do what needs to be done…and then align structures to make the strategy happen.

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Purpose First, Strategy Second, Structure Third
  • It seems so commonsense, yet it is so rare.
    I see many that get all the way up to structure in this process and balk.
    Why do we fall in love with our organizational structures?
    As always, thanks for sharing Mark!
    Keep creating…work worth doing,