Are you still running after the goals that once drove you?  Do you have the same passion for it?  Or have you settled?  I like to think I’m somewhere around halftime…maybe not quite there, but close…and I’m finding that there are times when it’s tempting to do what’s needed…tomorrow.  At the same time, there are definitely times when I march on toward the goal for the prize.

Where are you on this question?

I found this set of questions for senior executives in Hamel’s Leading the Revolution:

  • After two or three decades of industry experience, am I more radical or more conservative?
  • Am I more willing to challenge conventions or less willing?
  • Am I more curious than I’ve ever been in my adult life, or less so?
  • Am I a radical or a reactionary?
  • Am I learning as fast as the world is changing?

Every one of these questions could really be a post.  They’re at the heart of what we all need to be asking ourselves.  Hope you take the time.

Questions Leaders Ought to Be Asking…Themselves
  • Excellent questions! I definitely feel that I have become more conservative as I go into my second decade working in the IT industry. I think that I just want things to work and the best way I know for things to work is, well, what has worked well for me. This often keeps me from seeing opportunities for improving my business as well as myself as a person.

  • It’s a really tough balance isn’t it? Choosing when to try what’s next even though what we’re doing right now works good enough.
    Hopefully, we learn to take initiative at least some of the time.